How do I activate my Clean Out Bag?

A Clean Out Bag does not need to be activated if it is ordered directly from thredUP.com and/or your Clean Out Bag is listed in My Selling History in your thredUP account. Each tracking number and bag number is already associated with your thredUP account.

If you were given a thredUP Clean Out Bag by a friend or family member or have a Clean Out Bag from one of our brand partners (Gymboree, Toys R US, etc.), in order to receive the money you have earned from that Clean Out Bag, you must activate the Clean Out Bag.

To activate the Clean Out Bag, you will need an email address and details provided on the Clean Out Bag’s pre-paid shipping label (image below). The email address will become your account email address and will be used for thredUP to send you updates and information regarding your Clean Out Bag.

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