How do I use my credits to shop on thredUP?

* Note: Credits can only be applied to orders shipping within the United States.

If you have an account balance (cash out balance and/or pending cash out balance that is available to use as thredUP credit), they will automatically be applied towards your order total at checkout. These credits can also be applied towards shipping charges.

Credits are applied to orders in a "first in first out" basis regardless of if they are from Clean Out Bag earnings, referral credits, etc. For example, if you have credits that are eligible for cash out from a Clean Out Bag that has been processed, and then you receive credits for a referral (credits not eligible for cash out), the credits from the Clean Out Bag will be applied to the order total first.

Note: If you do not want your credits that are available for cash out to be used towards purchases, you must cash out via Paypal (fees apply) or a thredUP Visa® Prepaid Card (no fees) before placing your order. To learn more about cashing out, click here.

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