How do I adjust the selling price of my consignment item?

To adjust the price of a consignment item:

  1. Log into your thredUP account and navigate to My Selling History
  2. Choose the Clean Out Bag associated with your consignment item
  3. There will be a blue "Adjust Price" link for each available consignment item (see image below). Click “Adjust Price” and type the desired dollar amount in the text box
    • Listing price of an item CANNOT be changed when the item is reserved in a customer’s cart or has been purchased
    • Item CANNOT be priced higher than the original MSRP
  4. Click "Save"


Important to know:

  • Adjusting the price of a consignment item will affect the dollar amount you receive if your item sells, but the percentage of the selling price you earn will remain the same
  • The higher the price, the less likely the item is to sell
  • Depending on the value of the item, you cannot set the price above or below certain amounts
  • thredUP reserves the right to modify pricing changes and discount the item if it is not selling

Note: After the initial 7 days of the item being listed, you may reclaim the consignment item if you are unsatisfied with thredUP’s attempt to sell your item. For more information on how to reclaim your consignment item, click here.

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