Do I get a tax write-off for the items I send?

No, you do not get a tax write-off for items you send in Clean Out Bags receiving payouts. Since this clothing is sent to thredUP with the intention of earning cash, and because thredUP is ‘buying’ these items, you cannot claim them as a tax deduction.

You DO get a tax write-off if you choose a Donation Bag! More info here

Items that are not resold on thredUP are distributed to various organizations, wholesalers, thrifting companies, and charities who distribute, resell, and recycle this unaccepted clothing. We do receive a nominal amount of compensation for these items which is used to help offset a portion of the shipping costs incurred when customers send us their Clean Out Bags.

Note: If you are sending in items from a Donation Clean Out Bag, we do now offer tax donation receipts but the bag must be requested and processed as a donation bag. To learn more about our donation bag program click here.

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