How do I order and ship a Clean Out Bag with thredUP?

To clean out with thredUP, you will need to order a Clean Out Kit from our clean out page. Currently, only one Clean Out Kit can be requested at a time and it will take approximately one week to receive your Clean Out Kit.

Note: Currently, we can only provide the clean out service to customers living within the 48 contiguous US states and Washington, D.C. We hope to expand the clean out service in the future.

As we grow, we've learned a lot about the way our customer's clean out their closets. With these learnings, we've recently decided to make a change to our clean out experience, in order to ensure that we can continue to deliver an amazing experience for both our buyers and sellers, to provide the best overall sustainable fashion service in the world.

With that being said, we will now be charging a shipping & handling fee for Clean Out Kits if you wish for it to be processed quickly, and the fee is shown at the time the bag is requested. If requesting return assurance there will be an additional $10.99 fee. Both fees will be deducted from your payout at the time of processing.

Here is a breakdown of each of the Clean Out Bag options:


Once you receive your Clean Out Kit, fill your bag with women’s and kids’ apparel, shoes and accessories in great condition and send it back to thredUP via USPS or FedEx with our pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. You can even schedule a pickup for your bag if you would like your mail carrier to pick it up on your doorstep! The label and other tags on the bag associate the tracking number with your thredUP account.

 You may drop-off your bag at any of the following FedEx locations:

  • FedEx Office
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®
  • FedEx World Service Center® location
  • Your local Post Offices
  • Postal collection boxes and mail boxes, and free residential pickup

Click here to find the most convenient FedEx location near you.

If shipping USPS, you may:

  • Drop-off your Clean Out Bag at your local post office, postal collection boxes, and mailboxes
  • Schedule a free residential pick-up
  • Notify your mail carrier and leave it on your doorstep

Please write down your Clean Out Bag tracking number or hold-on to any receipts received when shipping.

Note: If you requested a Clean Out Bag before September 1st, 2013, it will be labeled with a pre-paid UPS/USPS label. Click here to find a UPS drop off location near you.

Once the bag is shipped

It can take up to 3 weeks of transit time for thredUP to receive your Clean Out Bag via FedEx/USPS. When your Clean Out Bag arrives, you will receive an email from thredUP letting you know that we have received it, along with an estimated processing date if it is a Clean Out Bag for payout. Clean Out Bags receiving a payout will also receive another email from thredUP with the amount earned, after the bag has been reviewed and processed. Clean Out Bags for payout can also check the estimated processing date by logging into your thredUP account, navigating to My Selling History, and looking at the “Date/Status” column.

Note: the date provided in the email and My Selling History page is an estimated date and is not guaranteed.


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