What is Return Assurance?

Return Assurance is an option available for all Clean Out bags from which you can request items we do not accept be returned to you for a fee of $12.99.

When we begin processing your Clean Out bag we determine the items we accept for sale or those we cannot buy from you. At this point, any unaccepted items will be returned to you.  

Because items we do not accept are separated from your bag immediately after processing and you will need to request Return Assurance before your bag reaches our Processing and Distribution Center.  Once your bag is marked as received, we cannot go back and give you the return option, so please make this decision prior to sending your bag to us.  

You may opt into the program from a couple places on our website:

  • from your Cart:  when you first order your bag, you will see a checkbox that let's you opt into Return Assurance for the bag that you are requesting.
  • from the My Bag History page:  up until the point when your bag's status is marked as Received, you will see a checkbox in the Return Assurance column.  Check the box to opt for Return Assurance.

Please note that we only return items we cannot accept and will not return a bag if 100% of items are rejected. In the case that all items are accepted or all are not accepted, no return will be made and the Return Assurance fee will not be deducted from your account.  

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