What is Return Assurance?

Return Assurance is a Clean Out option which returns items we do not accept for a fee of $12.99.

Need to know:

  • Eligible for all Clean Out Bags
  • Return Assurance MUST be chosen prior to sending your bag
  • If chosen, only items we do not accept for resale will be returned to you
  • A fee of $12.99 will be deducted from your bag’s earnings 

How you add/remove Return Assurance?

  • ORDERING: The choice to have items recycled or returned may be chosen at the time you are ordering a Kit and adding it to your cart.

  • IN YOUR CART: When a Kit is in your cart, you will see a checkbox that let's you opt into Return Assurance for the Kit that you are requesting

  • IN YOUR ACCOUNT: In your My Bag History page you will see a checkbox in the Return Assurance column.  If box is checked, Return Assurance has been chosen on that particular bag. This must be chosen before shipping your Clean Out Bag.



  • If Return Assurance is chosen and all items are accepted, no fee will be charged. YAY!
  • The $12.99 fee will be deducted from the earnings of the Clean Out Bag you sent. If there are not sufficient earnings, the remainder of the fee will be deducted from an account balance if available.
  • If no items are accepted from the bag you sent us, the email notification sent to you about your bag being complete will include a message to contact support to arrange having your items returned.
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